Using the latest Trackman 3e launch monitor and optimizer software I can ensure you are optimally fitted for every part of your set including Driver, Fairway woods, Hybrids, Irons, & Wedges.

Trackman Fitting – Driver

A Trackman fitting could help add yards to your drives. The key to maximising driver distance is achieving the optimal launch angle and spin rate. This will produce higher ball speeds, long carry distances and an optimal landing angle for maximum bounce and roll. These key parameters are all accurately measure on Trackman to give immediate feedback. The optimal launch angle varies for each individual golfer depending on swing speed and club delivery. Generally lower swing speeds require a higher launch to maximise distance. The latest research from Trackman fitting shows that most amateur golfers are poorly fitting for their driver with most players using a driver with around 2° too strong loft. Recent findings from also show the average golfer will add up to 30 yards to their drive once optimally fitted. To help each individual player optimise their distance from the tee, I have the latest driver models from Taylormade and Callaway with varying lofts and shafts. 

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Recent finding show the average golfer will add around 30 yards to their Drive once optimally fitted.

TrackMan Golf

I enjoy spending time on TrackMan because it’s almost a game but it gives me exact numbers. At the level that I’m playing golf I need to be precise and that’s what this machine is.

Ian Poulter

If you don’t have TrackMan it’s like not having video. A few years ago a lot of people wouldn’t teach with video and today there are very few teachers that don’t have a video camera.

David Leadbetter

Trackman fitting – Irons

In an Trackman fitting for irons my aim find the perfect shaft, length, grip size and lie angle together with most suitable club head.Being optimally fitted for irons will help you hit longer, straighter and more consistent shots.Carry distances are checked on Trackman in order to achieve consistent yardage gaps of 10-15 yards between clubs.

An Iron fitting takes 45 minutes and costs 55€

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Trackman fitting – Fairway Woods

The main goal in fairway-wood fitting is to optimise distance and accuracy. In my opinion this is where golf club manufacture technology has improved the most over the last 3-4 years. The latest models are easier to launch and significantly longer. In a recent comparison my new 5 wood is 24 yards longer and the ball flight 5 yards higher than my previous model.During a Fairway-wood fitting session I will ask the player to hit 5-10 shots with their Driver and 5-10 shots with his longest iron or hybrid club. It will then be apparent if the player needs 1 or 2 additional Fairway-woods to achieve consistent yardage gaps of 10-15 yards between clubs. I have an extensive selection of Fairway-woods from Taylormade and Callaway to help find the optimal combination.

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Trackman fitting – Hybrid/Long iron

The main goal in a hybrid / long Iron Trackman fitting session is to maximise distance and achieve a balanced set with 10-15 yards gaps between clubs. The main advantage of a hybrid club in comparison with long irons is a higher ball flight and steeper landing angle. For many players replacing longer irons with hybrid clubs could be advantageous. I will ask the player to hit 5-10 shots with their longest iron and shortest Fairway-wood. I will then compare the data and then test an extensive range of the latest models from Taylormade and Callaway to find the optimal combination for each individual player.

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Trackman fitting – Wedge gapping

The main advantages of a Trackman wedge fitting are, achieving consistent yardage gaps of 10-15 yards between wedges, the advantage of hitting more full shots into the green, optimising trajectory and maximising spin and control. During a wedge fitting I will firstly ask the player to hit 5-10 shots with a PW. Trackman will accurately measure the carry distance. I will then ask the player to again hit 5-10 shots this time with the most lofted wedge. I will then calculate the distance between PW and the most lofted wedge. It will then be apparent if 1 or 2 additional wedges are required. The most suitable bounce will also to taken into consideration to match each players swing characteristics.

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